If you have photographed our product and shared your images on your social media, WE THANK YOU!!

We absolutely love when our customers share their product stories and photos with their followers and we also love to re-share.

We will always ask you if it is okay to share your content.  If you agree, we reserve the right to then use the photo on our own social media, website, Amazon listing and anywhere else we would like our customers to see it.  And if we use your photo on our website as the home page main photo, we will send you a free set of produce bags on us, as a thank you.

We will always give photo credit and tag you if possible. (Please keep in mind that in some cases, such as on Amazon, we do not have the ability to tag you or give photo credit).

Thank you again for supporting our brand, doing your part to live a sustainable life and of course, for helping to spread the word through social media!