Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the working conditions like for the people making the product?

The labor policy of the Pakistan government, which our factory adheres to, is very specific. Social and economic well-being of the people is one of the principal objectives of the government.

Some examples of the points laid out by the government policy include: equitable rights between the employers and employees are insured in an atmosphere of harmony; workers have the right to form protected unions and an atmosphere of close coordination between employees and employers is fostered; workers and employers must enjoy resonable benefits that can sustain them in the economy; promotion to higher job opportunities is ensured at all levels; and there are arrangements for in-service training facilities.

The hygiene of the factory is a top priority and working hours are 8-4.

How do you wash/sanitize them?

They are machine washable. So I just throw them in the washer and dryer. They shrink a little bit in the dryer. But these seem to be made extra large all the way around so it works out!!

Is the Muslin woven tightly enough to use for sugar or flour?

The answer is yes, you can use the bags for flour and sugar. I would recommend washing them and running them through a hot dryer beforehand because the organic cotton shrinks and the weave gets tighter after the first wash/dry. (That is why we design them with and extra inch on all sides.) When I tested the bags for holding these dry ingredients, I did so on a bag that had been washed and dried, I shook it over and over for about a minute to see if any of the flour came through and it was totally clean. I will say that the drawstrings on the bag are not designed to close airtight so this would be the only issue I can see with putting sugar or flour in them.

Are these biodegradable if I should have to dispose of them?

As cotton is a natural fiber, it will biodegrade. Our fabric is 100% organic, including the thread used to stitch it together, so it will biodegrade without leaving a residue or chemical pesticides behind. There is a plastic toggle attachment on the drawstring so you could remove that and recycle it separately should you ever dispose of the bags.

Can we use the cotton sheet to put bread or pastry?

Absolutely! It’s quite large, 30×30 so I would be perfect to wrap a fresh baked loaf or baguette. I just tested it on a baguette from Trader Joe’s and it fits quite nicely.

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