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Growing up, my mom always stored the washed lettuce wrapped in cotton in the fridge.  I remember opening up the fridge to see a swaddled bunch of leafy greens.  Today I do the same and whenever I pull out that damp cotton bundle to make a salad or sautée some greens, it reminds me of my mom and what a wonderful cook she is.

Earth Junky produce bags are the perfect way for me to share this tradition and we are so excited to launch this product on Amazon!

Our bags are made from 100% organic cotton muslin and mesh so they will never contaminate your produce with chemicals.

Use your Earth Junky bags to shop at the grocery store and farmer’s market, eliminating the use of the irritating and wasteful plastic bags.  Then store your fruits and veggies in them and use the square sheet to swaddle your washed, damp leafy greens.  You will find that greens they will stay fresher and crisper for much longer than when you keep them in plastic.

Machine wash them and re-use them over and over again.  They will shrink, but the sizes are all produced with an extra inch on all sides to allow for that.

Get creative and take them out of the kitchen.  They are great for travel accessories, small toys or whatever is scattered around your house and needs a home.

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